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QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility- Demo & Trial

Last Updated: 04 September 2015
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Watch a Quick Video Demonstation & THEN Download a Free Trial

The QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility works with QuickBooks Pro/Premier and Enteprise - this includes ANY of the Premier or Enterprise industry editions (Accountant, Contractor, Manufacturing, etc.)

Quickly remove inactive items from listsThe IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility does not work with the Mac or On-line Editions and is intended for installation and use on a Windows PC.  However, the program will work on a Mac emulating Windows.

You may download a Free Trial at the bottom of this page, BUT first a quick overview.

The QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility has been designed to quickly scan an IIF file looking for entries in the Hidden column where they are set to Y (or yes) and then quickly delete those rows, leaving a clean list to import into the new company file.  Therefore, ALL items that you do not wish to bring into the new file must be made inactive in the original file - even Group and/or Assembly Items.

Once you have made all of the list items inactive in QuickBooks, export those lists to IIF as you normally would.

Start the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility, select the IIF file to clean up and run the utility.  A log file will provide you with information about how many list items were in the original file and how many were removed.

Automatically remove inactive list elements

How does the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility Work?  Watch this brief video to find out.

The QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility is licensed to a single computer.  Licenses can be purchased for 1, 2, and 5 computers.

Introductory pricing begins at $50.00 per license/machine - see the IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility Order Page for more details.  This program is available via electronic download ONLY.

Download a Free Trial

Download the default QuickBooks IIF Inactive Clean-Up Utility Program file (4.48 MB) .  Save the file on your computer for future reference - OR - choose "Open or Run" instead.

Download the pdf QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility Manual (2.29 MB) , containing written instruction for using the program.

Important Notes:

During the trial period you can clean up as many IIF Lists as you wish.  The program logs the inactive elements that would be removed and gives you statistics that match the QuickBooks F1 -OR - CTRL plus 1 counts, but the output file (suitable to import into a new file) will not be saved.