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Can I run your software on Right Networks?

Last Updated: 13 March 2024
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Unfortunately, our software will not run on Right Networks

Hosting QuickBooks is tricky.  Each QuickBooks hosting platform is different.  Some offer dedicated hosting while other only offer shared hosting.  And the differences are like 'night and day', or like 'living in a palace vs a shared apartment'.

  • Dedicated hosting provides an exclusive physical server that is only available to you, nobody else is using the same server which is running only your applications, including QuickBooks.  This is equal to you having a physical server in your office.
  • A shared hosting environment in which your application(s), like QuickBooks, run on the same physical server (even if it has been configured as multiple virtual servers) with many other users is just that, ‘shared’ and the resources (processors, processor cores and memory) are also shared.

Dedicated physical server environments are like owning your own house, while shared hosting on a virtual server is like living in an apartment complex. But even worse, shared hosting on a common server is like living in a single apartment with roommates (even if you do have your own bedroom and bathroom), and what some hosting companies call 'QuickBooks Hosting' in which the QuickBooks Application is simply running on a shared server with multiple instances available to different companies... well that's like living in common quarters with people you don't know sharing everything from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Right Networks is a shared hosting system and you are not guaranteed that you are logging into the exact same server each time you log in and this causes numerous issues.  Additionally, Right Networks tells you what programs you can and cannot install.

We recommend a company called Infinitely Virtual for our customers who want to host QB desktop (as a matter of fact we use it ourselves).  One of the main advantages of going with Infinitely Virtual is that you rent your own private server and you can install whatever software you wish without additional fees.

Most all of the hosting companies run about $50 per month per user (with many charging an additional fee for software other than QuickBooks). 

If you would like additional information about Infinitely Virtual, please let me know and we'll have them reach out to you.

There are workarounds, but they are painful and time consuming.

Here are the steps.

  • On "Right Networks"  make a QB backup. 
  • Next transfer that backup from Right Networks to your local PC.  If you have problems with this, contact Right Networks for assistance, as this is their setup.
  • Then on your local PC, in QB, go to restore a company file, and locate that backup that you just transferred to your local PC
  • Restore this over the existing QB file.  (You'll need to browse to the folder where the QB file is).
  • BUT when you do this, you likely need to change your QB file properties so that it is not "Read Only".    Right click on the existing file --> Properties and uncheck "Read Only" and save this
  • Then you will have to type "YES" in QB to overwrite the existing QB file.
  • Run your reports and/or billings.  It's a one-way transfer.  Right Networks always has the master QuickBooks file.

Now this sucks for a couple of reasons:

  1. The time to backup, transfer & restore.  Not horrible, but not seamless.
  2. You need a license for QB on both Right Networks, and on your local PC, because Right Networks usually rents the QB license. 

We have very few people doing this.

Any changes made on your desktop will not make the changes in your Right Network account.  You will have to make the exact same changes on Right Networks to maintain this account as the primary account.  Any changes made on the desktop versions, will have to be duplicated there to make sure that the file is up to date.

This process can be tedious, and may make the move to Infinitely Virtual a worth while expense.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or if you would like more information on the Infinitely Virtual program.